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Growing Your Audience: Advice from Bloggers and Readers

I’m giving a workshop to the Digital Ninjas at the New Haven Register at 1:30 p.m. (EDT) today about engaging and growing blog audience. If you’d like to follow along when it starts, it’ll be online on Chris March’s blog.

I’ve been crowdsourcing some advice from the bloggers and blog readers in my social networks to include in today’s talk. Got something to add? Leave  comment or tweet me @mjenkins.


UPDATE: Slides from today’s presentation are after the jump.



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  1. Slide 2. “Write about passion”.

    No, no, for god’s sake NO. Passion has become an empty cliché. We live in a world where plumbers are “passionate about fixing blocked drains”. If you’re so unoriginal that you worry about “passion” you’ll get nowhere. 

    • I think it’d be a lot harder to keep up with a blog if the writer weren’t passionate about it. Especially if that blog isn’t paying any additional money.

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