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Creating one Facebook page for both sides of your life

Thanks to Facebook’s near-constant changes to their privacy settings, it’s tough to keep documentation on them up to date. In preparation for staff training here at TBD, I’ve completely overhauled these resources for anyone wishing to use Facebook for their … Continue reading

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Social Media Guidelines to Live By

Personally, I’m not a big fan of social media policies. While I recognize a lot of companies need to have these policies in place to cover their butts in court, I generally frown upon anything that gives journalists any excuse … Continue reading

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Making Twitter Work for Reporting

Despite its reputation, Twitter is not just to tell people what you had for breakfast. Journalists willing to learn the tool well can also use Twitter to: Monitor the activities and interactions of people you cover Crowdsource stories by asking … Continue reading

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Data mining information from Twitter

It’s downright amazing what you can find out from Twitter’s formidable search engine. Here’s just some of what you can do with Twitter’s publicly available feeds: • See what’s happening on your beat: Basic, but no less awesome. Follow the … Continue reading

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Need-to-Know Twitter Tips for Journalists

As we’re hiring new staff members for every position from web producers to listings editors and transit reporters, a lot of my job at TBD will be devoted to bringing all those new hires – plus some of our existing … Continue reading

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Recommended reading: Industry trends and survival skills

Industry News and Ideas Is there a flaw in the proposed federal shield law? This scathing rebuttal to an overwhelming support of a Federal Shield Law has definitely caused me some pause. For every organization that needs a shield law … Continue reading

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10 ways journalists can look like Twitter newbies

You don’t have to be some online expert to look like you belong on Twitter – just avoid doing the following 10 things and nobody will know you’re a dog (or just an old-school journalist) on Twitter. Continue reading

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A new media how-to roundup

Here’s a collection of great tips and how-tos I’ve found lately you might find helpful if you want to break into media – or break out. Includes tips on YouTube, data mapping, UGC, training and starting your own blog. Continue reading

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Recommended reading for June 10th-12th

Recommended reading that’s mostly about Twitter this time – monetization models, the end of the “real” Colonel Tribune, Twitter grammar, tools and other fun stuff. Continue reading

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Facebook URLs for the rest of us

Facebook has decided to let Fan Pages with less than 1,000 fans get a custom URL – but they’ll have to wait until June 28. Continue reading

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How to: Sign up and start your Twitter account

While getting a Twitter account is fast and easy, it does have a lot of little decisions along the way that can affect how your finished account turns out. If you’re not very comfortable signing up for new web accounts or you’d just like to have a guide to set up Twitter, consider this your wizard. Continue reading

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Facebook primer for journalists added

I’ve added a new Resources link to the site. I’ve linked to some of the basic social media primers I’ve been creating to help Enquirer staff get acclimated toFacebook and Twitter – with more to come. Continue reading

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