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My next adventure: Joining Storyful’s Open Newsroom

Looking for a job is, in a lot of ways, a lot like dating*. You meet a lot of people and you talk – a lot – about yourself, about them, about your expectations for a future together. You re-examine what worked and what didn’t about past relationships, and try to find a partner that embodies the best of those memories. It’s all about looking for a good fit. After a lot of looking and a few false starts, I think I’ve found it.

I started earlier this week as Open Newsroom Editor for Storyful – and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Storyful

If you aren’t familiar with Storyful, it is a 24/7 social media news agency that discovers, verifies and delivers user-created content to newsrooms, brands and storytellers of all sorts. Storyful built its initial business providing verified UGC and information to partners via subscription service. The Open Newsroom is a consumer-facing companion piece, operating as a public space for crowdsourced verification and publication through the likes of Google and Facebook. I’ll be continuing to grow that outward-facing aspect of Storyful and its relationships with platforms, partners and stories.

It’s a good fit, to be sure. Collaborative journalism and social media has been the bedrock of my journalism career. I been talking about crowdsourcing, social media/UGC ethics, verification and UGC best practices for several years – and I’ve done a lot of training for journalists in those fields. For me, joining Storyful is like being asked to join the Avengers- they know this stuff better than anyone.

Storyful has been one of the most prominent voices in the industry as it pertains to social media verification and ethics in using user-generated content (which, it just so happens, happen to be pet issues of mine as well). Its best practices and breaking news case studies have been part of my classroom curriculum for years. Now, I get to be more than an admirer – I get to be on the team.

I can’t wait to get started on this new bright future.

Casablanca Quote   Eds Note:  The past few months, since Thunderdome was shut down,  have been an especially tough stretch for me, both personally and professionally. Big thank-yous are in order for many people, but especially Robyn Tomlin, Jim Brady and Jennifer Preston – who have helped me out by listening to my whining, giving advice, making introductions and buying drinks as needed.  And I wouldn’t have come out the other side without my husband/crisis counselor, Ben, who has patiently dealt with my many phases of layoff grief.


* Or so I hear, I haven’t dated in a long time.


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  1. stephaniedp

    Mandy!!!!! Super sweet, super cool and super sonic! So happy for you, and Storyful is so very lucky to have you. I have felt the funk of being unemployed and it stinks. I’m very excited to keep following your rise to the top. You, my dear, are awesome. (hug)

    • Aw, thanks Steph! I’m glad neither of us were on the market for too too long – we’re the sort of people who’d probably get dangerous when left idle.

    • Aw, thanks Steph! I’m glad neither of us were on the market for too too long – we’re the sort of people who’d probably get dangerous when left idle.

  2. kimfox

    So happy for you, can’t wait to see what you do over there!

  3. Tom Bridge

    Best news all day, Mandy. Congrats!!

  4. bhipsman

    Power on Mandy. Thanks for finding ways to keep democracy going by getting information out on so many platforms. Go get ’em.

  5. Ann VerWiebe

    I am so proud of you! Congrats on the new gig!

  6. Frank Scandale

    this is very good to hear. you sound jazzed. have fun.

  7. w00t.

    Also I like the dating thing. I often say professional relationships should develop like romantic ones. They build over time, become more committed and serious, etc. When you are on the job hunt, it’s a bit like speed dating.

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