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Something Actually New on Zombie Journalism! Curated News on News

At first glance, it looks like this site hasn’t been updated in awhile. For those few people who subscribe via social or RSS (hi Mom!), you probably forgot this even exists.

Though not a lot has changed on the surface level – this still has my terrible original web design for the most part – there have been some changes you might find interesting. A big part of the original intent of Zombie Journalism was curating and sharing interesting links on digital journalism, social media and the future of the news industry. This was before a great deal of the curation tools out there today were in existence – and back when I had the time and the interest in giving my view on journalism happenings that had already been talked over to death. Nowadays, I have less I want to write about, but I still want to share interesting links.

If you look in the nav bar above, there’s a new area called “Curated News“. Within that is a sub-menu of specialized Rebelmouse-powered pages featuring daily curated news around topics like social journalism, mobile journalism and journalism revenue models. I’ll probably add more subsets as time goes on.

This is a screenshot of this site. Look up!

If you like the sort of information I tend to curate, I hope you’ll read it here, but it isn’t like I’m monetizing this site, so feel free to subscribe to them via Rebelmouse (using the button on the page) or, if Twitter’s your thing, you can get all of those subsets and more at @NewsonNewsYouCanUse (or via my account, as always).

If you have suggestions or feedback on all this, let me know.

Also, I have a couple of actual new posts (!) in the works, so this blog as it is now isn’t going away. Maybe we should consider it more of a quarterly?



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  1. Just a quick note to let you know that somebody besides your mom subscribes to your feed.

    Regarding your new curated sections – especially “Business of News” – I have a challenge for you. Buzzfeed, NY Times, Wall St. Journal, Nieman Lab … all fine and well, but how ’bout a week of news curation about the business of news from sources outside the bubble of journalists talking about journalism? Though with the disclosure that I read those sources under your fine “Read These” list, and some of those voices deserve exposure even if they emanate from the bubble (with a few exceptions on the Nieuman Lab side, if for no other reason than they’re so full of themselves).

    Keep rocking. Love the terrible original web design (no, really, I do!) and – especially – the “Carrie meets the Walking Dead” logo. Braaaaains!

    • ADDENDUM. Within 2 minutes of writing my comment I posted a link to Nieuman Lab article. I’m so full of myself.

    • Thanks for sticking with it, Aaron!

      As for your challenge, I don’t know if I could exclusively curate from non-bubble sources (I save these tidbits for myself as well as others), but I can definitely try to include more diverse sources. Outside our industry, I occasionally find great stuff on news business in the likes of Ad Age, the Harvard Business Review and whatever else happens to come across my virtual desk from social media and other sources.

      Do you have any favorites I should check out?

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