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Making community engagement an everyday process

This weekend, I was fortunate to be invited to speak to the Kiplinger Fellowship program at Ohio State University. Twenty-four working journalists are learning new skills and strategies on social media, new media tools and community engagement.

My presentation, featured after the jump, is aimed at reporters to help them better connect with audiences, brand themselves and work more efficiently in the social sphere. I hope others may find it helpful/interesting.



Interacting with the audience as a news brand


The Bin Laden story and real-time engagement


  1. i think we’re all being forced to waste way too much time updating our social media accounts.

    • If your updates are a waste, you probably shouldn’t be spending that much time on them. If you’re adding value on social media, however, it is not a waste.

      I always say that you shouldn’t try to do everything, especially if you don’t have time. Pick one or two tools/communities that work well for you and focus on them. Schedule it into your day and be disciplined with the time invested. Maybe it’ll seem like less of a waste to you then.

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