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Transcript: What does a social media editor do?

Here’s the transcript of my journalism jobs chat on Poynter.org Tuesday. There were a lot of great questions about what I do as a social media editor, the workflow, metrics, handling criticism and managing corrections.

We had more than 200 participants and more questions that I could get to in one sitting. If anyone has a question that didn’t get addressed, I’ll be happy to answer it in the comments.



Chatting live with Poynter today


TBD to eliminate most staffers, including yours truly


  1. Hey Mandy, thanks for the chat. With Foursquare, does TBD have a partnership or agreement? Or did you just go in and create an account on your own? Thanks.

    • We do not have a formal agreement of any kind with Foursquare. Unless you intend to pay them money for a badge, distribution deal or offer of some sort, they really don’t seem to have much desire to enter into agreements. I set up a regular account and worked with Foursquare to roll out a branded account page. All I had to do was give them the text and images for the page and they rolled it out in a few weeks.

      At that time, they told me they’d be setting up a self-service option for brands wanting branded pages, but I’m not sure if that has materialized.

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