Before we even get started on developing this site, I want anyone who stumbles through here to know that this is and always will be a work in progress. I started this site not only as a place to host my work and research in new journalism, but also to serve as a tool to help me learn more development skills.

I’m not a developer – or even a web designer, really. I work in the online news department for the Cincinnati Enquirer. While I do build web pages within our existing servers and content management systems, this is my first crack at developing something in a new language. I have built several websites over the years (most defunct now), but this is an exciting new chance to learn PHP, WordPress, content management and SEO.

Because of that afore-mentioned job, I might not post as often as those who do this sort of thing for a living (see the blogroll), but I hope to be a good resource for those looking for new ideas to save journalism.