Inside the Twitter Archive, Or How I Learned To Love the Twitterverse

Tapping the Twitter Archive: Tweetstones

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Twitter recently opened up the ability for every user to download and access his or her Twitter archive going all the way back to their first tweet. I highly recommend taking the time to do an retrospective on your or your brands' accounts.  Looking back over my archive, it was interesting to see how I developed my use of Twitter from an introspective anger machine to being part of a community.
I had an account for reading long before I used it to send tweets. The first was actually a pretty good indicator of future tweets. 
I'm incredibly tired. Too much time spent prepping for New Year's Eve, which comes after work. May be too sleepy to enjoy it.Mandy Jenkins
A lot of my earliest tweets were extremely random and useless - like a lot of current Twitter usage, some might say. Lots of talk about food, TV and generally how angry I was about certain aspects of my work life. It was a dark time - and before I decided to make the rule that I won't use the F-word on social media. 
Eventually, I got around to doing some interaction. Here's my first reply, to my friend Grace. 
@graciesparkles She is a hippie....but apparently not a very good one.Mandy Jenkins
The first time I tweeted from an event with a hashtag, the lightbulbs really went off for me. It was the first ROFLCon at MIT - a perfect early adopter crowd for a Twitter discovery. I met a lot of people via Twitter using #ROFLCon - and it changed the way I used the tool from there on out. 
Just saw BBC Radio talking to Anonymous outside the pwning panel at #roflcon. This thing is huge.Mandy Jenkins
But it was also interesting to see the milestones of my life in those years coming together via social media. 
Looking at wedding rings today. I need to feel like I'm getting something done on this wedding thing.Mandy Jenkins
So I'm married. And I hope everyone had fun at our totally awesome reception.Mandy Jenkins
Dude, Jay Rosen just slammed me, I think. (Awesome)Mandy Jenkins
(OK, so it isn't really a milestone, but I thought it was funny)
The tweet I've been dying to send... RT @TBD: TBD is go.Mandy Jenkins
I quit my job & moved 500+ miles for an experiment I was pretty excited about. Now I'm looking for work again. Oh journalism, you slay me.mjenkins
I won't subject you to more laughs, tears and cringes of my personal Twitter archive, but I encourage you to search yours. 

What was your first tweet? 



Ivan Lajara has started collecting the first tweets of Digital First folks, it’s been a fun exercise.

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