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Get a Facebook url of your own

Facebook announced today that starting this Saturday, they will begin offering vanity URLs – custom web addresses – for all of their users.

As it is right now, Facebook offers these links to select businesses and entities (like the New York Times). Soon, pages* and profiles will be eligible to receive them on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Why would this be useful to you?

Just like every other social media site, a vanity URL would be an easy-to-guess, short and direct path t your Facebook page. As it is now, you are merely a long series of numbers according to Facebook. If someone goes to search for you on Facebook, they may or may not find the right person with your name. If you have facebook.com/your.name, it’ll be easy to find and simple for you to link it in your emails, put it on business cards, etc.

Because it is the Internet, there will inevitably be a mad dash for these vanity URLs. If you have a common name or you want to be sure to get your company’s name first, you’d better hustle. They are available at http://facebook.com/username on midnight Saturday.

* Mashable notes that pages will not be able to get a vanity url unless they have at least 1,000 fans and have to have been created before May 30. Better get to recruiting new fans (I know I will).

Google has the new “must have” persona

Sorry I’ve not been posting any “real” posts for awhile. Like everyone else in the journalism business, I’ve taken on more work than I can really handle, which makes me dead inside by the time I get home. I have still been scouring my usual haunts for helpful links and news, though, so you’ll see a lot of that.

Anyway, in the forever since I posted, Google has been tinkering with their services – making a new option available that could rival Facebook to be your “must have” social media profile. The Google Profile essentially allows you to control your presence on Google searches. You can enter all the info you’d want to make available when someone Googles you: Your name, your city, what you do and links to all of your social media accounts. When you have it all set up, you’ll get something like this when you search for yourself on Google:


If you have a Gmail or Google account, you already have the means to set this up. If not – get a Google account already (they have tons of tools you could be using). When you are signed in to Google, go to where it says My Account. On that page, you can go to edit your profile.

Add a photo, add the cities you’ve lived and what you do for a living (or what you did before you were laid off). Google has a nifty search built in to the profile page that searches for your accounts on tons of social media sites, blogs and other web services. Claim whatever is yours and give it links to anything it is missing – thus making an easy hub for all that online work you’ve been doing.

That’s it! Now you’re easy to find on Google – even if your website has terrible SEO.

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