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Presentation: Business models for online news

Here’s a Powerpoint of my presentation the News 2.0 Forum on 9/9/09: Buy this news, please?

(Right-click and download it if you want – just don’t steal it, man)


Here’s a big list of links to where I got the information included in the presentation. When I have time, I’ll come back and make this look a lot prettier.

ProPublica’s story on Memorial Hospital in New Orleans

American Prospect’s column on government-subsized news

MinOnline’s top paid models worth watching

Steve Outing’s thoughts on micropayments

Chat featuring Steve Outing and others discussing business models

Jeff Jarvis talks about online memberships vs subscriptions

Online Journalism Blog looks at the ad-supported model

Pew report on the drop in classified ads

A look at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s “freemium” site

American Journalism Review’s praise for pay walls

Neiman Lab looks at how paying for news is a new thing

Michael Kinsley’s column on how he believes asking readers to pay will not work

News 2.0 forum today

The much-ballyhooed (by me) News 2.0 Forum is going on tonight at the offices of Enquirer Media.

Local readers, I hope, will be there in person. If you’d like to attend in spirit – check it out on UStream (thanks to Cincinnati Social Media). We’ll be live from 5 to 6:30 or you can catch it after the fact.

Here’s the lineup of speakers and topics:

Buy this news, please? (business models for online news)

Mandy Jenkins, Enquirer Media – That’s me

The Birds and the Bugs (copyright law & the Marburger Plan)

John C. Greiner, Graydon Head & Ritchey, LLP

This Ain’t Sci-Fi: The Electronic Newspaper

Nick Hurm, Enquirer Media

What Readers Need

Jason McGlone, The Cincinnati Man

Bigger, Better, Stronger: Online Communities Shape the Future of News

Elissa Sonnenberg & Taylor Dungjen, UC Journalism

News 2.0: Personalized and Customized

Taylor Wiegert, Empower MediaMarketing

Back to the Future: Reinventing the (Print) Newspaper

David Holthaus, Enquirer Media

The Future (or Lack Thereof) of Local News

Brian Griffin, Cincinnati Blog

Reporters as Brand Managers

Dennis Hetzel, Enquirer Media

News as Community-Based Wikis

Bob Robertson-Boyd

Journalism: Is there an app for that?

James Pilcher, Enquirer Media

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