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Blog Archive: Seen and Heard

Probably my favorite project, Seen and Heard was a popular blog on local people-watching on JSOnline from 2005 to 2007. In addition to my usual work duties, I wrote this first person narrative blog as a labor of love. Even though the JS site did not yet have blog technology that could support commenting, I got a tremendous amount of email every day in response to my posts.

It is no longer featured on the JS site following their redesign last year, but I have anĀ archive link here that will need to do until I can archive it elsewhere for myself.

Seen and Heard Screenshot

News feature: Do you wanna dance?

This feature was so much fun to write and research. I pitched this to my editors at the Enquirer when I was an intern – it was pretty much right in the thick of the Dance Dance Revolution craze. I spent a lot of time with my sources, but I’m still pretty terrible at DDR.

The story was published as a Weekend magazine cover story Aug. 22, 2003.

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