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Facebook primer for journalists added

In case you didn’t notice, I’ve added a new Resources link to the site. I’ve linked to some of the basic social media primers I’ve been creating to help Enquirer staff get acclimated to Facebook and Twitter – with more to come.

The Facebook for Professionals manual, in particular, should come in handy if you’re new to Facebook and want to know more about its setup or if you’ve been using it primarily for personal reasons and want to make a privacy wall to start using it to make professional connections.

The two charts are diagrams of Facebook and Twitter home pages to explain what’s there and how it works.

In the future, I hope to add more intro information for RSS readers, Digg, Publish2 and more. Stay tuned.

Recommended reading for April 24th

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Twitterizing your staff

Newspapers all over the country all seem to be springing into action on Twitter. If they aren’t already there, many are at least starting to check it out for use in their newsrooms.

Steve Buttry, the Information Content Conductor (how’s THAT for a title?) at Gazette Communications in Iowa is holding a webinar entitled “Leading Your staff Into the Twitterverse” through the American Society of Newspaper Editors.

Here’s the tipsheet he’s including for the webinar of several resources for those getting started on Twitter. It’s got a lot of info on how to set up and run an account and how to make Twitter work for you as a journalist (including an answer that question I get in every training session, “What do I say?”).

Check it out. Also, revisit yesterday’s post about my own Twitter tips.

Get your own training

10,000 Words has a great post today that compiles a decent list of online resources where a journalist can get hands-on multimedia training (and most of them are free).

I’m a full-time journalist and I know it’s practically impossible to find free time to do more work. Whenever you have the chance – maybe when you run out of hours during your work week or when you have that luxurious furlough (like me) ou should use this time to train yourself in a new skill set. That’s not to say you have to be learning every bit of software out there – but try to pick one or two you want to add t your arsenal. You never know – you might need them for a job search sooner than you think.

** I hope to get these sites and more added to a training resource page on the site ASAP.

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