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Radio Feature: ‘Green Bean Casserole’

Although I was a regular producer for WKSU, my own voice very rarely actually appeared on the radio. Lucky for me, during the holidays I had more opportunity to get a piece of my own on the air. When the Inventor’s Hall of Fame in Akron, OH (in our coverage area) announced it would be inducting the inventor of the recipe for green bean casserole in November of 2003, I jumped at the chance to record a holiday feature.

I conducted the interviews, recorded the on-scene and studio audio and produced the entire piece in Cool Edit Pro.

This final product aired on Thanksgiving Day, 2003:

Green Bean Casserole

News feature: Do you wanna dance?

This feature was so much fun to write and research. I pitched this to my editors at the Enquirer when I was an intern – it was pretty much right in the thick of the Dance Dance Revolution craze. I spent a lot of time with my sources, but I’m still pretty terrible at DDR.

The story was published as a Weekend magazine cover story Aug. 22, 2003.

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