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Audio slideshow: Emerald Ash Borer

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel launched a project focusing on the efforts to fight the invasive Emerald Ash Borer in December of 2006. At that time, I had created a microsite for this project and also constructed the following  slideshow for the Dec. 15, 2006 edition. The microsite is no longer accessible.

MJS photographer Tom Lynn took the photos and gathered the audio. I edited the audio and put together this audio slideshow in Soundslides.

Audio slideshow: Justice for Jude Rally

When four white, off-duty police officers were found not guilty of beating Frank Jude at a party in April of 2006, the city of Milwaukee was in an uproar. The following rally took place the day after the verdict in the streets of downtown Milwaukee.

The images were shot by MJS photographers Michael Sears and Kristyna Wentz-Graff. Wentz-Graff gathered the raw audio at the scene. I edited the audio file down in Sound Edit Pro and built the following slideshow in Soundslides on April 18, 2006.


Site design: Foreclosure project

I created this microsite about regional foreclosures in October of 2007 on the previous version of the Cincinnati Enquirer‘s website.  We redesigned in the spring of 2008, the new page design for the new template set is here.

This was a team project that includes stories from several reporters, data content from our data staff, graphics from the art department and the input of several editors. I created the interactive slideshow included in Slideshow Pro from photos gathered online. I created the microsite originally using a combination of HTML, javascript, AJAX and Gannett’s Saxotech CMS calls. What you see here is a reproduction of the original site with the Saxotech content replaced by pure HTML code. It might not be super-fancy, but then again, this was the first design I’d ever done using javascript or AJAX.

Magazine writing/reporting: ‘Harry Potter Goes to College’

This enterprise piece, written in December 2000 and published in the May 2001 issue of The Burr magazine at Kent State University, placed in the 2001 Hearst Awards.

It’s sort of funny looking back, as this was written back before the books were super big – back  before the movies were even in production. Now, there’s about a million stories to be found on this subject of adults getting into Harry Potter. I guess it isn’t all that innovative now.

News feature: Do you wanna dance?

This feature was so much fun to write and research. I pitched this to my editors at the Enquirer when I was an intern – it was pretty much right in the thick of the Dance Dance Revolution craze. I spent a lot of time with my sources, but I’m still pretty terrible at DDR.

The story was published as a Weekend magazine cover story Aug. 22, 2003.

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