Link roundup: Twitter news, tech tools and a shameless plug

On the Twitters In their “The science of the hashtag” post, Twitter charts the lifecycle of a hashtag and spells out just what and who propelled it to popularity. In short – celebrities > media, as if you didn’t already know. An alleged Twitter expert says research shows that to increase your chances of being [...]

Recommended reading: Investigative social media, new ideas and tools

Sorry it’s been so long, but it’s been crazy busy as TBD’s preparing for the holidays and other events. This’ll be a quick one, just a few links I’ve been reading of late. Have a happy Thanksgiving, folks.

Social media roundup How Investigative Journalism Is Prospering in the Age of Social Media – Great ideas [...]

Link roundup: Facebook deals, Times paywalls, ONA and news experiments

Geolocation meets deals

Last news first. Facebook announced today that it will be doing more with its location feature, including offering deals tied to location. This could spell trouble for other geolocation providers like Foursquare and Gowalla, group buying sites like Groupon and, sadly, news sites looking for revenue streams. Facebook is offering these deals [...]

Recommended reading: Industry trends and survival skills

Industry News and Ideas Is there a flaw in the proposed federal shield law? This scathing rebuttal to an overwhelming support of a Federal Shield Law has definitely caused me some pause. For every organization that needs a shield law to protect sources that deserve it, others can exploit it to push through a salacious [...]

A mess of recommended reading

I’ve had a bunch of links sitting around I meant to share forever ago, but they fell through the cracks. So if they seem a little late, well, too bad.

Cool Stuff

A lot of sites (Cincinnati.Com included) have been running with the idea of expanding data coverage on local crime, but the [...]

Recommended reading on saving journalism, new technology and social media

“New” Tools and Technology Prior to its demise, Editor & Publisher had written about allegedly “new tools” the newspaper in Knoxville uses to police website comments. First of all, I find it alarming that anyone, particularly a publication supposedly in the know about our industry, would find this community management approach new or innovative. I [...]

Recommended links: Freemium models, ideas and more

Oh, Rupert

News Corp’s Murdoch says he’ll hide his content from Google very soon. I’ll believe it when I see it. And if he does do it, how long will it take for regret to set in?

Pay Models

Alan Mutter points to the indicators and recent comments from newspaper execs that all point to [...]

A new media how-to roundup

Here’s a collection of great tips and how-tos I’ve found lately you might find helpful if you want to break into media – or break out. Includes tips on YouTube, data mapping, UGC, training and starting your own blog. [...]

Links roundup: Media law news, paid content and crazy ideas

A roundup of recommended links from around the web on the Federal Shield law, newspapers as non-profits, who’s charging for online content, removing content from Google, Twitter, news blogging networks and more. [...]

Google Wave has potential for journalism – but that’s all it is right now

Google Wave is an amazing new tool with lot of features that could solve several problems journalists face right now. But it isn’t quite there just yet. [...]

Recommended reading on start-ups, tech & social media

A few notable bits of news on social media, Google’s developments, news start-ups and more I wanted to pass on before this week really jumps off. [...]

Presentation: Business models for online news

My presentation materials on business models for online news. [...]