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Finds and facts about using social media in journalism.

The Social Media Editor is Dead, Long Live the Social Media Editor!

The social media editor isn’t dead, but the Newsroom Social Media Rockstar Ninja Guru’s days are numbered. And thank goodness for that. Continue reading

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Inside the Twitter Archive, Or How I Learned To Love the Twitterverse

Twitter recently opened up the ability for every user to download and access his or her Twitter archive going all the way back to their first tweet. I highly recommend taking the time to do an retrospective on your or your brands’ accounts. Looking back over my archive, it was interesting to see how I developed my use of Twitter from an introspective anger machine to being part of a community. Continue reading

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I’m Not a Robot: Engaging Local News Readers on Social Media

Next week, the Digital First Interactives team is heading to Connecticut to do a training extravaganza at the New Haven Register. Data Editor Tom Meagher is giving training on data journalism, Video Editor Yvonne Leow on video and video strategy, and Curation … Continue reading

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Are Facebook’s Social Reader Apps on the Decline – and Why?

The past couple of days have been a whirlwind of conversation between journalism thinkers over a reportedly huge drop in users for many news leaders’ Facebook social sharing apps in the month of April. Some tech watchers and news app … Continue reading

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New Crowdsourcing, Curation and Liveblogging Training

Hi all! I’ve been traveling a lot for Digital First lately to spread the gospel of social media to my colleagues. So, if you’ve seen my presentations before, you’d know that I make very wordy Powerpoints so that people who weren’t … Continue reading

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Google+ Best Practices for News Brands

So your news brand has a Google+ account. Great. Now what? Maybe you’ve been sharing posts to see what works to stir up engagement and/or root in that SEO, but you’re thinking there has to be more (there is). Since … Continue reading

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Journalists, meet Google+ (for reals this time)

A guide to journalists to get to know (or re-learn) the lingo and basics of Google+. Continue reading

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How News Brands Should Set Up Google+ Pages

Google made Brand Pages available last fall. Much like Facebook Pages, this allowed for companies, organizations, causes and the like to have a customized G+ presence that’s separate from a personal profile. A properly set-up Page will help your news organization not … Continue reading

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How Journalists Should Set Up Google+ Profiles

A properly set-up profile is what makes Google+ effective for an individual journalist looking to establish a brand online or cement their brand in a Google search. You need to have the right info on display to ensure people can … Continue reading

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How news brands can get started on Facebook Timeline

Facebook has debuted Timeline for pages. Here’s what news brand page managers need to do to get brand pages ready for primetime. Continue reading

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I’m more than a Twitter Monkey

I’m relieved to be out of my social media editor roles because I’ve been worrying about my future and the future of the social media role at news organizations, for lots of reasons. Continue reading

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Holy engagement, Batman! How HuffPost blew up the State of the Union on Facebook

How did The Huffington Post get 32,694 Likes, 2,525 comments and 4,268 shares on Facebook for Obama’s State of the Union address? How about a sort of Facebook take on live-tweeting? It was an experiment, to be sure, but it seemed to work out well. Continue reading

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