About Mandy

Mandy Jenkins awkwardly poses for a photo. Photo/Jay Wescott

Photo/Jay Westcott

Hi! I’m Mandy Jenkins. I am a journalist, nerd, wife and friend to animals.

I work as the managing editor at Digital First Media‘s Project Thunderdome, which is an exciting place full of people who are eager to try whatever it takes to help local journalism thrive. I work way outside of my comfort zone – and I like it that way. I spend my days halfway terrified that I don’t know what I’m doing and the other half exhilarated that I made it through another day without destroying everything.

All of my views expressed here, of course, have nothing to do with my news organization of employment, though I will talk about what I’m working on – I’ll try to keep it educational.

I could go into all my professional history before this point, but instead I’ll just refer you to my resumé for the gritty details. I’ve been working in online news my entire career so far, so you’ll see no rueful reminiscing about ink-stained fingers here.

I received my B.S. in journalism at Kent State University, where I feel I learned what it really means to be a journalist at the Daily Kent Stater. I liked KSU so much that I stuck around to get a Master’s in media management two years later on a fellowship with WKSU (NPR). It was then when I really caught the online bug and starting filling my brain with multimedia skills. If I hadn’t stayed in school, I’d probably still be trying to get a job as a reporter.

Today, I’m living in NYC with my husband, Ben Fischer, and our cats. Ben’s also a journalist – working as a reporter for the New York Business Journal.

It’s laughable to call what I do in my free time “hobbies” – as I spend most of it on the computer or my iPhone while watching TV or hanging out at bars or eating. I am almost never not online – and someday I’ll need therapy for it, I’m sure.