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Inside the Twitter Archive, Or How I Learned To Love the Twitterverse

Twitter recently opened up the ability for every user to download and access his or her Twitter archive going all the way back to their first tweet. I highly recommend taking the time to do an retrospective on your or your brands’ accounts. Looking back over my archive, it was interesting to see how I developed my use of Twitter from an introspective anger machine to being part of a community. Continue reading

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When CoveritLive hands you lemons, make workaround Kool-Aid

Now that CoveritLive is no longer free, here are some alternatives for newsrooms to host liveblogs and live chats at no cost. Continue reading

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I’m more than a Twitter Monkey

I’m relieved to be out of my social media editor roles because I’ve been worrying about my future and the future of the social media role at news organizations, for lots of reasons. Continue reading

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What if we’d had today’s social media on 9/11?

If today’s social media had been around, those who perished on September 11, 2001 could have been the storytellers of their own history. Continue reading

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ESPN goes back in time, bans breaking news on Twitter

ESPN’s reporters have a reputation of breaking sports news on Twitter, but the company’s new social media policy has banned it. Continue reading

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WaPo arrives late to NATO story on social media

On August 6 around 2 a.m. local time, a NATO helicopter carrying U.S. Special Forces troops crashed in eastern Afghanistan. The Washington Post had a reporter in person and on the story – but it took a long time for … Continue reading

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Making community engagement an everyday process

This presentation is aimed at reporters to help them better connect with audiences, brand themselves and work more efficiently in the social sphere. I hope others may find it helpful/interesting. Continue reading

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Interacting with the audience as a news brand

Last week I went over a few tips for setting a social media strategy and persona for your news org’s branded account(s) and tips for using those accounts as a brand. Today, let’s get into audience engagement on social media … Continue reading

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Channeling the news brand on Twitter and Facebook

Tips for using Twitter and Facebook as a news brand for everyday interaction and breaking news. Continue reading

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Channeling the news brand: Persona and strategy

Questions to ask and tips to consider when setting a social media persona and strategy for a news brand. Continue reading

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Training: Intro to mobile journalism tools

Last week, I taught a mobile journalism workshop as part of APME’s Newstrain seminar at the Newseum here in Washington, D.C. While I’m not a mobile journalist per se, I am a journalist that loves my smartphone. The class was … Continue reading

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Link roundup: Twitter news, tech tools and a shameless plug

On the Twitters In their “The science of the hashtag” post, Twitter charts the lifecycle of a hashtag and spells out just what and who propelled it to popularity. In short – celebrities > media, as if you didn’t already know. … Continue reading

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