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Throwing my hat into the ring for journalism’s future

I’ve met a lot of innovative, hungry journalists in my travels with Digital First and as a freelance journalism trainer. These journalists are often the primary source of digital support in their newsrooms, but they need support, too. Here’s what I propose ONA do to reach and support this group. Continue reading

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How to Set Up A Chat Using CoveritLive

Step-by-step directions for setting up a live chat between readers and panelists using CoveritLive. Continue reading

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New Crowdsourcing, Curation and Liveblogging Training

Hi all! I’ve been traveling a lot for Digital First lately to spread the gospel of social media to my colleagues. So, if you’ve seen my presentations before, you’d know that I make very wordy Powerpoints so that people who weren’t … Continue reading

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Citizen Journalism Is Booming In Egypt and The Middle East, Despite Serious Risks

Citizen journalism is thriving in Egypt and the Middle East in the wake of the Arab Spring. While the news availability may be spreading, there are still dire consequences for citizen journalists for writing negative posts about the wrong parties. It’s humbling to find how much some are willing to risk. Continue reading

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Training: Intro to mobile journalism tools

Last week, I taught a mobile journalism workshop as part of APME’s Newstrain seminar at the Newseum here in Washington, D.C. While I’m not a mobile journalist per se, I am a journalist that loves my smartphone. The class was … Continue reading

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New media ethics, same as old media ethics

Earlier this week, the Patch site in Palo Alto apologized after a freelancer  plagiarized a story from another website.  An apology posted on the site stated that copy was lifted from VentureBeat, an online tech news site. It doesn’t state if the … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Guide to Location-Based Services

A very basic overview of Foursquare, Gowalla and other location-based services, including a glossary and tips for use. Continue reading

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Need-to-Know Twitter Tips for Journalists

As we’re hiring new staff members for every position from web producers to listings editors and transit reporters, a lot of my job at TBD will be devoted to bringing all those new hires – plus some of our existing … Continue reading

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A new media how-to roundup

Here’s a collection of great tips and how-tos I’ve found lately you might find helpful if you want to break into media – or break out. Includes tips on YouTube, data mapping, UGC, training and starting your own blog. Continue reading

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Recommended reading: Content, traffic and pay walls

News and notes such as new pay models for news sites, using local blogs as content providers, why tech skills are only the beginning for journalists and all of the hullabaloo about Google in the news website world. Continue reading

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Recommended reading for April 21st

These are my recommended links for April 21st: Why journalists should learn to code (and why some shouldn’t bother) :: 10,000 Words – “Those who choose to adhere to long-standing forms of print or broadcast journalism shouldn’t fret, but know … Continue reading

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Twitterizing your staff

Steve Buttry, the Information Content Conductor (how’s THAT for a title?) at Gazette Communications in Iowa is holding a webinar entitled “Leading Your staff Into the Twitterverse” through the American Society of Newspaper Editors. Continue reading

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