Addressing the Elephant in the Conference Hall

ONA has a range of skills going from former print reporters getting into social media or online tools up to some of the industry’s innovation leaders in data, multimedia, social media and mobile. We need a conference that reflects this range and challenges every skill level. [...]

‘Flash is overrated’ – and other links

Recommended links from around the web on Twitter, social media use, proposed newspaper pay models and Flash skills (and why they’re over-rated). [...]

Recommended reading for April 21st

These are my recommended links for April 21st:

Why journalists should learn to code (and why some shouldn’t bother) :: 10,000 Words – “Those who choose to adhere to long-standing forms of print or broadcast journalism shouldn’t fret, but know that there will come a time when basic coding will become an integral part of a journalist’s duties. It’s better to jump on the bandwagon now than to be left in the dust later on.” Seattle ‘P-I’ Sinks Without Print Boost – In their Top 30 Newspaper Sites for March, Editor & Publisher makes the point that online-only newspapers aren’t quite making it with audiences just yet. Do they need print to survive? That remains to be seen. How To Increase Your Chances of a Twitter Follow Back | John Chow dot Com – A lot of this is what I would consider no brainers, but worth a quick read [...]

Get your own training

10,000 Words has a great post today that compiles a decent list of online resources where a journalist can get hands-on multimedia training (and most of them are free).

I’m a full-time journalist and I know it’s practically impossible to find free time to do more work. Whenever you have the chance – maybe when you run out of hours during your work week or when you have that luxurious furlough (like me) ou should use this time to train yourself in a new skill set. That’s not to say you have to be learning every bit of software out there – but try to pick one or two you want to add t your arsenal. You never know – you might need them for a job search sooner than you think.

** I hope to get these sites and more added to a training resource page on the site [...]