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The Downside of Google Glass? The Glassholes.

People have serious animosity toward the early adopter set sporting Google Glass. From the coffee shops of Silicon Valley to the cocktail parties of NYC, the haters call them douchebags, or, in the new parlance, Glassholes. Continue reading

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The Social Media Editor is Dead, Long Live the Social Media Editor!

The social media editor isn’t dead, but the Newsroom Social Media Rockstar Ninja Guru’s days are numbered. And thank goodness for that. Continue reading

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That Post About the Lack of Posts

One of the challenges of working in an experimental company in a changing industry is that you yourself have to constantly learn and evolve. For the past few months, I’ve been in a new role at Digital First that forces … Continue reading

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What measures success in journalism these days?

Success in journalism doesn’t have to be measured by the size and fame of the publication anymore. Continue reading

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The “lost” generation of journalists may be my own

There is a lost generation of journalists, but they aren’t college kids. We are the generation too young to remember the successful years of newspapers and too old to live on hope alone. Continue reading

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Confessional: Shameless page view ploys

Lest anyone think I’m casting stones without acknowledging my own sins, I decided to share a list of the shameless ploys I’ve used to get page views for my employers. What I’ve listed is hardly out of the ordinary for any website, but I still feel bad about it sometimes. Continue reading

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