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Copyright changes aren’t necessary to save media

Yet another “academic” call has been made to change U.S. copyright law to provide special protection for mainstream news sources – and again, these academics ignore the very basics of what it means to aggregate news online. This time, the … Continue reading

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New strategy: Berate bloggers, tell online readers to buzz off

I’m not sure where newspaper execs are getting their PR advice these days, but whoever/whatever it is needs to be fired. The print news sector has put out some head-shaking proclamations this week – all of which have a common … Continue reading

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The new kid in the downpour of fresh ideas

When you’ve spent your entire professional career in a newspaper’s newsroom, it’s pretty easily to get your mind blown at a startup. I can attest to that firsthand in my first few days on the job at TBD. Instead of … Continue reading

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Online news is always TBD

Allbritton’s Washington, D.C. metro site will be named TBD – and I think it’s perfect. News at the start of the reporting process is “to be determined” – and that’s exactly where readers should come in. Continue reading

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A bit more explanation of what’s going down in DC

Poynter had a talk with Jim Brady, president of digital strategy at Allbritton and my future boss, about the as-yet-unnamed metro site I’ll be working on in Washington, D.C. starting next month. Brady outlines the site’s coverage plan, which is, … Continue reading

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Today’s news now or yesterday’s news today?

I’ve seen a lot of newsroom culture shifts in my admittedly young career, but the online deadline of now seems to be the biggest gap to cross. Many editors and reporters don’t think there even IS competition anymore. Continue reading

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If page views are the goal, keep those comments a-comin’

Would newspaper editors be likely to eliminate anonymous commenting from their websites if they knew how much it would bring down page views? Continue reading

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Devil’s advocate: Like it or not, site comments represent the community

For better or worse, the people who comment on news websites do represent part of the readership we claim to serve. So should we as a news organization and conversation hub be trying to suppress their opinions? Continue reading

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Anonymity isn’t to blame for bad site comments, it’s a lack of staff interaction

We as an industry like to collectively wring our hands about the toxicity of online comment boards, but if we really want to improve the quality of on-site discussion we need to be willing to get involved in our sites in a hands-on manner. No amount of filters, comment-detecting robots and user-end moderation will replace the presence of a dutiful moderator. Continue reading

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Twitter is the perfect place to break news (but don’t tell Reuters)

When Reuters released its new social media policy last week, their competition had to be salivating. The wire service stipulates that its reporters are not to use Twitter to break news – and thus are digging their own grave. Continue reading

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Kirkland trial coverage shows us why good beat reporting still matters

The court case of Anthony Kirkland is showing us that while Twitter and live blogs and all that are great tools for enhancing the way readers get news, it’s tough to replace the know-how of an experienced beat reporter. Continue reading

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Enquirer Editor comments on print-first initiative

Cincinnati Enquirer editor Tom Callinan has a column in Sunday’s paper (online now) about the Enquirer’s evolving First in Print initiative. He also gives a shout-out to ZJ and its commenters. Check it out.

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