As tablets change how we read, news needs a major makeover to keep up

iPad image: Flickr user sucello

Tablets and e-readers have created a user experience that’s better than what news websites usually offer – and it is changing consumers’ expectations of what news should look like. [...]

Training: Intro to mobile journalism tools

Last week, I taught a mobile journalism workshop as part of APME’s Newstrain seminar at the Newseum here in Washington, D.C. While I’m not a mobile journalist per se, I am a journalist that loves my smartphone. The class was aimed at those who are new to most mobile news gathering, reporting and publishing apps and practices – with and without smartphones.

We got into:

Using Twitter to report breaking news via live tweeting Gathering eyewitnesses and media from Twitter sourcing and Twitter searches Live reporting from a scene using streaming video and live chat apps Tools for capturing and editing great photos, audio and video from phones Mobile publishing using Tumblr and other blog tools, quick publishing by email

As part of the training, I gave out a handout of entry-level mobile tools for gathering media, reporting news, publishing and being productive on the go. I gathered these from [...]