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Everything I know about leadership I learned from losing my job

In early March, I gave a talk on digital leadership to college journalists. The off-the-cuff advice I gave that day ended up proving true in the days following the demise of Project Thunderdome. Continue reading

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Thunderdome’s demise is déjà vu all over again

By now, everyone knows Thunderdome is being unraveled. There are lots of hows left to figure out and whys left to reckon with, but the fact is that it’s all ending much too soon. It’s all so terribly familiar to those of us who went through a similar unraveling at TBD in 2011… only this is worse. Continue reading

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Your Facebook fan page might not be in your control

If you allow employees to create your company’s Facebook fan pages on their personal accounts, beware. You may never get control of that page if the employee leaves the company. Continue reading

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Recommended reading for April 14th through April 17th

These are my recommended links for April 14th through April 17th: Continue reading

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