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Ruling or no, always ask permission before re-using images on the social web

If you’re to believe Agence France-Press – and many journalists who I’ve personally met – “regular people” don’t have the same copyright protections on the web as journalists. This isn’t true and hasn’t been true – and I’m glad a … Continue reading

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Copyright changes aren’t necessary to save media

Yet another “academic” call has been made to change U.S. copyright law to provide special protection for mainstream news sources – and again, these academics ignore the very basics of what it means to aggregate news online. This time, the … Continue reading

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Recommended links in brief

Do Newspapers Owe Google “Fair Share” Fees For Researching Stories? – Daggle has been on the case with the AP for months now. He examines the irrational fear of the likes of Google – and questions what their resources are … Continue reading

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AP ignores Fair Use, treads into copyright debate

The AP has waded into the online copyright debate with the launch of their new microformat system. Their president has also made alarming claims about the use of their content that leads this writer to believe they don’t know much about Fair Use. Continue reading

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