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Quickly create a collaborative map with Crowdmap

Every election since I started my professional career has led the news organization I was working for at the time to say, “We really should have a map of election problems.” Then we’d build some UGC map held together by … Continue reading

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TBD’s big moment and a view from behind the coverage

Sept. 1 was a big day for TBD – and for me personally. When a gunman burst into the Discovery Channel headquarters in Silver Spring and took three hostages, we sprang into action and, in turn, were propelled into the spotlight for the first time since our launch. Continue reading

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TBD experiments in community engagement: Week 1

TBD.com came out of the gates with a few community engagement experiments you might find helpful at your own news orgs. Continue reading

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Making Twitter Work for Reporting

Despite its reputation, Twitter is not just to tell people what you had for breakfast. Journalists willing to learn the tool well can also use Twitter to: Monitor the activities and interactions of people you cover Crowdsource stories by asking … Continue reading

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Data mining information from Twitter

It’s downright amazing what you can find out from Twitter’s formidable search engine. Here’s just some of what you can do with Twitter’s publicly available feeds: • See what’s happening on your beat: Basic, but no less awesome. Follow the … Continue reading

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The new kid in the downpour of fresh ideas

When you’ve spent your entire professional career in a newspaper’s newsroom, it’s pretty easily to get your mind blown at a startup. I can attest to that firsthand in my first few days on the job at TBD. Instead of … Continue reading

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Online news is always TBD

Allbritton’s Washington, D.C. metro site will be named TBD – and I think it’s perfect. News at the start of the reporting process is “to be determined” – and that’s exactly where readers should come in. Continue reading

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4 potential uses for Google Wave in news

Google Wave has a lot of features that make it an ideal candidate for fixing problems a lot of newsrooms face thanks to limitations in current technology. Continue reading

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