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As Outsourced News Grows, Local Newsrooms Should Promote ‘Buying Local’

Journatic is selling outsourced news at the expense of U.S. journalism jobs, but local news operations should take this opportunity to promote themselves to readers as the truly local option. Continue reading

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Growing Your Audience: Advice from Bloggers and Readers

Collecting your advice on engaging readers and growing audiences on blogs. Continue reading

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Kick It Old School: Engaging Your Community Through Live Chats

The live chat is, in a sense, the original social media. Here are a few best practices and tips to reintroduce you to this kinda old school tool. Continue reading

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How to Set Up A Chat Using CoveritLive

Step-by-step directions for setting up a live chat between readers and panelists using CoveritLive. Continue reading

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Holy engagement, Batman! How HuffPost blew up the State of the Union on Facebook

How did The Huffington Post get 32,694 Likes, 2,525 comments and 4,268 shares on Facebook for Obama’s State of the Union address? How about a sort of Facebook take on live-tweeting? It was an experiment, to be sure, but it seemed to work out well. Continue reading

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What if we’d had today’s social media on 9/11?

If today’s social media had been around, those who perished on September 11, 2001 could have been the storytellers of their own history. Continue reading

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Why we should reply to users – even angry ones

Do you respond to your news org’s detractors? Sure, we all talk about how engagement is SO IMPORTANT and we want to work with our readers, but when it comes to criticism, I so often hear social media coordinators or … Continue reading

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Lessons to be learned from TBD: International Edition

During my professional sabbatical in the month of April, I had the opportunity to travel to Moscow, Russia to talk with Eurasian journalists about community engagement. On April 22-24, the New Eurasia Media Program held its annual International Conference, where I, … Continue reading

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The Bin Laden story and real-time engagement

Please allow me to think aloud on the past 15 hours. We all acknowledge that the news of Osama bin Laden’s death broke on social media. We’ve all got stories about Twitter’s impact, roundups of Twitter reactions, tweet timelines and Storification galore … Continue reading

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Making community engagement an everyday process

This presentation is aimed at reporters to help them better connect with audiences, brand themselves and work more efficiently in the social sphere. I hope others may find it helpful/interesting. Continue reading

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Using Foursquare and Crowdmap to track local elections

With the midterm elections coming tomorrow, lots of news outlets will likely be launching their fanciest new toys and social media ideas to best pull in that coveted election night audience on the web. TBD’s no exception, though our election … Continue reading

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TBD experiments in community engagement: Week 1

TBD.com came out of the gates with a few community engagement experiments you might find helpful at your own news orgs. Continue reading

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