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TechCrunch Writer Demonstrates How NOT to Engage Readers

Alexia Tsotsis’ highly unprofessional rants against “old media” and eventually her site’s own readers lead to a highly professional discussion amongst journalists about dealing with trolls on the web. Continue reading

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How to Set Up A Chat Using CoveritLive

Step-by-step directions for setting up a live chat between readers and panelists using CoveritLive. Continue reading

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Facebook comments can’t guarantee a lack of anonymity

There’s a conventional wisdom out there in the online journalism world that: 1.) News site comments will automatically be better if people have to use real names, and 2.) Using Facebook for your comments will accomplish this. I’ve said many … Continue reading

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Pay-to-play commenting can eliminate trolls – and kill discussion

A Massachusetts newspaper is banning anonymous comments by charging for the privilege. This seems like overkill – and it can eliminate important discussion. Continue reading

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If page views are the goal, keep those comments a-comin’

Would newspaper editors be likely to eliminate anonymous commenting from their websites if they knew how much it would bring down page views? Continue reading

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An anonymous comment ban could kill the public forum

If news websites were to get rid of anonymous comments, we may be eliminating the opinions of some very valuable (and young) readers. Continue reading

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Devil’s advocate: Like it or not, site comments represent the community

For better or worse, the people who comment on news websites do represent part of the readership we claim to serve. So should we as a news organization and conversation hub be trying to suppress their opinions? Continue reading

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Anonymity isn’t to blame for bad site comments, it’s a lack of staff interaction

We as an industry like to collectively wring our hands about the toxicity of online comment boards, but if we really want to improve the quality of on-site discussion we need to be willing to get involved in our sites in a hands-on manner. No amount of filters, comment-detecting robots and user-end moderation will replace the presence of a dutiful moderator. Continue reading

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Recommended reading on saving journalism, new technology and social media

“New” Tools and Technology Prior to its demise, Editor & Publisher had written about allegedly “new tools” the newspaper in Knoxville uses to police website comments. First of all, I find it alarming that anyone, particularly a publication supposedly in … Continue reading

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Don’t make promises about UGC you can’t keep

While the Communications Decency Act of 1996 grants media sites immunity from legal liability for user-generated content. The Barnes v. Yahoo defamation case revealed a possible loophole in that immunity that can occur if you promise to remove content – and don’t follow through. Continue reading

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A new media how-to roundup

Here’s a collection of great tips and how-tos I’ve found lately you might find helpful if you want to break into media – or break out. Includes tips on YouTube, data mapping, UGC, training and starting your own blog. Continue reading

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No winners in online comment debate

Online comments are a gigantic albatross for newspaper sites, but I believe we need them. Instead of panicking, we need to ride out these early days of commenting and learn to become better community managers. Continue reading

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