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TBD 1.0 launches, now let the real fun begin

Today is finally the day. Today, TBD.com has launched and all of us who joined this venture with high hopes of shaking up the news business get our chance to sink or swim. Continue reading

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Journalism and the Interwebs: A Reading Guide

I read a lot of industry blogs and they generally all boil down to two topics: complaining about the Internet (or complaining about people complaining about the Internet) and lamenting the future of news. Continue reading

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Recommended links: Freemium models, ideas and more

Oh, Rupert News Corp’s Murdoch says he’ll hide his content from Google very soon. I’ll believe it when I see it. And if he does do it, how long will it take for regret to set in? Pay Models Alan … Continue reading

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People read newspapers, but news execs misunderstand their loyalty

While a new study finds that most Americans still read newspapers, another indicates that the people in charge of the newspaper industry don’t have a clue how those readers use their product and don’t know what they want. Continue reading

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Recommended reading for April 20th

Recommended reading about social media and new insights into the business of online news. Continue reading

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