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TBD experiments in community engagement: Week 1

TBD.com came out of the gates with a few community engagement experiments you might find helpful at your own news orgs. Continue reading

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Anonymity isn’t to blame for bad site comments, it’s a lack of staff interaction

We as an industry like to collectively wring our hands about the toxicity of online comment boards, but if we really want to improve the quality of on-site discussion we need to be willing to get involved in our sites in a hands-on manner. No amount of filters, comment-detecting robots and user-end moderation will replace the presence of a dutiful moderator. Continue reading

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NYT giving lessons in ineffective revenue models?

The New York Times has now said that their metered paywall will not apply to blog referrals and searches, which really doesn’t seem to make it much of a revenue model at all. Continue reading

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Journalism and the Interwebs: A Reading Guide

I read a lot of industry blogs and they generally all boil down to two topics: complaining about the Internet (or complaining about people complaining about the Internet) and lamenting the future of news. Continue reading

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Getting to know our friends in the blogosphere

The 2009 Technorati State of the Blogosphere Report has got some great demographics about bloggers that online news orgs would be good to know, as a lot of them are voracious news consumers. Continue reading

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No winners in online comment debate

Online comments are a gigantic albatross for newspaper sites, but I believe we need them. Instead of panicking, we need to ride out these early days of commenting and learn to become better community managers. Continue reading

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Do we miss the point of “hyperlocal”?

We shouldn’t judge the future or value of “hyperlocal” news from the Washington Post’s failed experiment with LoudonExtra. Instead, we need to actually understand what it really means to be hyperlocal in reporting – and take note of sites doing it right. Continue reading

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WaPo v. Gawker: Battle in the Blogs

The Washington Post took on Gawker for alleged copyright infringement this week in a battle of the blogs. Here’s why the Post writer was wrong – and why the debate itself is just a mere sideshow to the real problems for newspapers online. Continue reading

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Really, Plain Dealer?!?

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is embarrassing itself in its efforts to limit the First Amendment rights of bloggers and get other sites not to give them web traffic. Aggregators are not the enemy. Continue reading

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Recommended reading: Content, traffic and pay walls

News and notes such as new pay models for news sites, using local blogs as content providers, why tech skills are only the beginning for journalists and all of the hullabaloo about Google in the news website world. Continue reading

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It’s time to cut off support for Digg

Digg’s recent decision to hijack shared links from content publishers back to their own home page should be the last straw for online media that has supported sharing content with Digg. Continue reading

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