NOTE: A lot of these resource documents were prepared a long time ago, so some particulars of platform features, button locations, etc. may be outdated. I want to leave this up because I know some educators and trainers use elements of these in their work. The advice is still sound, I think!


I have written up a few documents to help social media newbies, journalists and newbie journalists get better acquainted with social media websites and the web in general. Use this info to educate yourself or others, just don’t take credit for it, OK?


How to: Sign up for Twitter and set up your account: An easy signup and setup guide for new Twitter accounts. Good for those who aren’t very comfortable setting up new web accounts or just want a guide in setting their Twitter preferences.

Intro to Twitter for Journalists: An easy glossary and how-to guide for starting out on Twitter. Includes how to find who you should follow, how to organize contacts and ethical guidelines.

Making Twitter Work For Reporting: Simple tips for beat reporters to use Twitter to better connect with readers and sources.

Data Mining from Twitter: Easy ways to glean info from Twitter’s search API.


Timeline for Facebook Pages: What news brands need to do to set up Facebook TImeline

Facebook Subscribe for Journalists: How to set up and optimize your profile for public use

Intro to Facebook for journalists (and any professionals): A guide that explains the basics of Facebook with a glossary or terms and a look at demographics.

Setting up an All-Purpose Facebook Account: Setting up a Facebook page you can easily use for personal and professional contacts.

Sharing Your Content on Facebook: Using your newsfeed to promote content, blogs and social media accounts.



The Basics of Google+: The lingo and a general overview of how G+ works.

Best Practices for News Brands: Tips, tricks and how-tos for news brands to take advantage of G+.

Setting up a G+ Profile for Journalists: How to start and customize your individual G+ profile for optimum SEO and engagement.

Setting up a G+ Page for News Brands: How to set up and customize your news org’s G+ page for optimum SEO and engagement.


Location-Based Services

A Beginner’s Guide to Location-Based Services: An overview of location-based services out there, a glossary of terms and tips for using tools like Foursquare and Gowalla.

More on using social media as a news brand

Setting a persona and strategy for a news brand

Tips for using Twitter and Facebook as a brand

Engaging with your audience as a news brand


Presentations and Workshops

I regularly give presentations and social media training to reporters, bloggers, editors, news organizations and others. I keep these – plus a few others on blogging, mobile media and multimedia tools – on my Slideshare feed. There are also a few handouts there. Check ’em out and use them if you can.

Here’s a few from the blog: