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Making community engagement an everyday process

This presentation is aimed at reporters to help them better connect with audiences, brand themselves and work more efficiently in the social sphere. I hope others may find it helpful/interesting. Continue reading

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How to build, manage and customize a Crowdmap

So you’ve got a great idea for a user-contributed map you need to launch RIGHT NOW. Ushahidi’s Crowdmap makes it pretty easy, and hopefully this post makes it even easier. All examples shown are from TBD’s Crowdmap for D.C.’s election. … Continue reading

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Uses for Foursquare in news reporting

Aside from all the fun marketing options, Foursquare can be very valuable for reporters, bloggers and other news organizations. Here are a few suggestions: 1. Find a source with ties to a specific location When you go to a venue’s … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Guide to Location-Based Services

A very basic overview of Foursquare, Gowalla and other location-based services, including a glossary and tips for use. Continue reading

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Creating one Facebook page for both sides of your life

Thanks to Facebook’s near-constant changes to their privacy settings, it’s tough to keep documentation on them up to date. In preparation for staff training here at TBD, I’ve completely overhauled these resources for anyone wishing to use Facebook for their … Continue reading

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Weather coverage made easy

When it comes to weather coverage, sometimes all we need to do is give readers the latest information. We at Cincinnati.Com used Wordpress to get the weather updates out in a simple, quick way during this month’s snow storms. Continue reading

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Recommended reading: Industry trends and survival skills

Industry News and Ideas Is there a flaw in the proposed federal shield law? This scathing rebuttal to an overwhelming support of a Federal Shield Law has definitely caused me some pause. For every organization that needs a shield law … Continue reading

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10 ways journalists can look like Twitter newbies

You don’t have to be some online expert to look like you belong on Twitter – just avoid doing the following 10 things and nobody will know you’re a dog (or just an old-school journalist) on Twitter. Continue reading

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The “lost” generation of journalists may be my own

There is a lost generation of journalists, but they aren’t college kids. We are the generation too young to remember the successful years of newspapers and too old to live on hope alone. Continue reading

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Journalism and the Interwebs: A Reading Guide

I read a lot of industry blogs and they generally all boil down to two topics: complaining about the Internet (or complaining about people complaining about the Internet) and lamenting the future of news. Continue reading

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What job is best for journalism right now?

So I’ve been going through something of a journalistic identity crisis lately that’s put me in a real malaise about the industry at large and my own career. So if you’ll let me get a little personal for a post, … Continue reading

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A new media how-to roundup

Here’s a collection of great tips and how-tos I’ve found lately you might find helpful if you want to break into media – or break out. Includes tips on YouTube, data mapping, UGC, training and starting your own blog. Continue reading

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