Furloughs – and the one year anniversary of Zombie Journalism

The furlough – a company cost-cutting measure previously associated with the manufacturing sector – now embraced by those of us working in paragraph factories around the nation.

In the last year, my husband and I have had three separate weeklong furloughs (perhaps it wasn’t so wise to marry a journalist after all). These furloughs are, [...]

Kirkland trial coverage shows us why good beat reporting still matters

The court case of Anthony Kirkland is showing us that while Twitter and live blogs and all that are great tools for enhancing the way readers get news, it’s tough to replace the know-how of an experienced beat reporter. [...]

The “lost” generation of journalists may be my own

There is a lost generation of journalists, but they aren’t college kids. We are the generation too young to remember the successful years of newspapers and too old to live on hope alone. [...]

What job is best for journalism right now?

So I’ve been going through something of a journalistic identity crisis lately that’s put me in a real malaise about the industry at large and my own career. So if you’ll let me get a little personal for a post, I could use some help crafting a useful new job that could help my newsroom [...]

Your plan to save journalism is not at all helpful

Don’t bother reading Len Downie’s “Reconstruction of American Journalism” report. It’s long, it’s boring and it doesn’t offer anything new. Instead, check out its critics. [...]

Facebook friends: Please stop spamming me

Social networking is supposed to be about connecting with old friends and making new ones. It can involve marketing products, but it takes individualized recommendations to be anything but spam. [...]

Confessional: Shameless page view ploys

Lest anyone think I’m casting stones without acknowledging my own sins, I decided to share a list of the shameless ploys I’ve used to get page views for my employers. What I’ve listed is hardly out of the ordinary for any website, but I still feel bad about it sometimes. [...]

More takes on web analytics for news

Big minds in journalism and marketing take on the confusion and misleading nature of web analytics as they relate to readers and news. [...]

Do page views make us biased?

Does the quest for page views drive news judgement decisions in online news? Does that make us, the newsroom types, in the employ of advertisers? [...]

Can we forget about page views?

We need to move away from the almighty page view just to get back to the core of our business. [...]