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Remembering David Carr As The Misfit Amid the Elites

That someone as imperfect as David Carr could, based on the power of his talent alone, end up working — and thriving — in the newsroom of the New York Times is proof that success is possible for any of us. Continue reading

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Lessons learned from a (briefly) disconnected life

For three weeks in September, I lived without a cell phone of any kind. That time forced me to change some habits and, in doing so, I had to confront some uncomfortable truths about the life I was living. Continue reading

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Technology is a solution, not a problem, for women in newsrooms

Digital journalism and the people behind it aren’t what’s holding women back from newsroom leadership roles, but they are likely in the best position to solve that problem from within. Continue reading

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The Social Media Editor is Dead, Long Live the Social Media Editor!

The social media editor isn’t dead, but the Newsroom Social Media Rockstar Ninja Guru’s days are numbered. And thank goodness for that. Continue reading

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In light of Te’o story, how can we fix sports journalism?

The spread of the Manti Te’o girlfriend hoax is only the latest case of journalistic misconduct in the world of sports journalism. How can we fix it? Continue reading

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That Post About the Lack of Posts

One of the challenges of working in an experimental company in a changing industry is that you yourself have to constantly learn and evolve. For the past few months, I’ve been in a new role at Digital First that forces … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned From An Old Dog Who Excelled at New Tricks

I recently lost a good friend and journalism lost one hell of an editor in Ron Liebau. He should be an inspiration to all journalists trying to move our industry to the future instead of worrying on the past. Here are some lessons from Ron we should all take to heart. Continue reading

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Women in Journalism: Be not afraid, for we are taking over

It’s a terrifying time to be a journalist, but it’s also an exciting time. For female journalists, this is a time when we are rising to both take over existing newsrooms and strike out on our own. Continue reading

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I’m more than a Twitter Monkey

I’m relieved to be out of my social media editor roles because I’ve been worrying about my future and the future of the social media role at news organizations, for lots of reasons. Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s emails and a call for collaborative journalism

If you were committing an act of news on Friday, June 10, chances are every national news organization missed it. Why? We all had boxes and boxes of printed emails of an ex-political official to go through. From the New York Times … Continue reading

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New strategy: Berate bloggers, tell online readers to buzz off

I’m not sure where newspaper execs are getting their PR advice these days, but whoever/whatever it is needs to be fired. The print news sector has put out some head-shaking proclamations this week – all of which have a common … Continue reading

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What measures success in journalism these days?

Success in journalism doesn’t have to be measured by the size and fame of the publication anymore. Continue reading

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