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The Social Media Wire Brings The Immediacy, You Bring the Feedback

Digital First Media’s Social Media Wire combines selected local Twitter accounts, social searches, news feeds, blogs and videos to give readers a new way to find and interact with immediate local news from a variety of sources. Continue reading

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Moving into the terrifying new something

I’m leaving the Huffington Post to take on a challenge that’s so different from anything I’ve ever done, I want to start breathing into a paper bag just thinking about it. I need to get back to learning and challenging myself – and I think this next step is just what I need to grow as a journalist. Continue reading

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Citizen Journalism Is Booming In Egypt and The Middle East, Despite Serious Risks

Citizen journalism is thriving in Egypt and the Middle East in the wake of the Arab Spring. While the news availability may be spreading, there are still dire consequences for citizen journalists for writing negative posts about the wrong parties. It’s humbling to find how much some are willing to risk. Continue reading

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First try at using Xtranormal for news at TBD

In an experiment, I tried Xtranormal’s animation tools to build a cartoon re-enactment of an FBI indictment transcript for TBD. Continue reading

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Using Foursquare and Crowdmap to track local elections

With the midterm elections coming tomorrow, lots of news outlets will likely be launching their fanciest new toys and social media ideas to best pull in that coveted election night audience on the web. TBD’s no exception, though our election … Continue reading

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Storify narrative: Death outside DC9

On October 15, I used Storify at TBD to make sense of an ever-changing series of events involving a death outside popular Washington D.C. nightclub DC9. In the course of one day, the story took a lot of twists and … Continue reading

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Social media’s role in covering the Discovery hostage situation

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TBD’s big moment and a view from behind the coverage

Sept. 1 was a big day for TBD – and for me personally. When a gunman burst into the Discovery Channel headquarters in Silver Spring and took three hostages, we sprang into action and, in turn, were propelled into the spotlight for the first time since our launch. Continue reading

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TBD experiments in community engagement: Week 1 came out of the gates with a few community engagement experiments you might find helpful at your own news orgs. Continue reading

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Weather coverage made easy

When it comes to weather coverage, sometimes all we need to do is give readers the latest information. We at Cincinnati.Com used Wordpress to get the weather updates out in a simple, quick way during this month’s snow storms. Continue reading

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Blog Archive: Seen and Heard

Probably my favorite project, Seen and Heard was a popular blog on local people-watching on JSOnline from 2005 to 2007. In addition to my usual work duties, I wrote this first person narrative blog as a labor of love. Even … Continue reading

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Radio production: WKSU special projects

I was incredibly lucky to have spent a few years working at WKSU-FM, an excellent Northeast Ohio NPR station, for my graduate school fellowship. Each year WKU did a large-scale news series based around a topic in the news. During … Continue reading

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