The Downside of Google Glass? The Glassholes.

This one’s for the haters of the last post (and, as you might imagine, contains some colorful language from users of social media).

Google Glass and the 'Douchebag Factor'

If you are a Google Glass owner, you are probably immune to this, but if not, well, you might not want to read any further.

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Wow, do people have animosity toward the early adopter set sporting Google Glass. From the coffee shops of Silicon Valley to the cocktail parties of NYC, one word sums up the opinions of the haters: Douchebag, or, in new parlance, Glasshole. 
Even before it came out for the Explorer program, the Glass was deemed The Douchebag Accessory of Choice. 
Google glass may not be available for several months, but you can write 'douchebag' on your forehead with a sharpie TODAY #lifehackPinboard
Google Glass will be the greatest douchebag indicator since the fauxhawk.Dan Ewen
"By donning Google Glass, you, the Google Glass user, are volunteering to be a foot soldier in Google's asshole army" Wood
Google Glass terms of service prohibits the use of the product while being a douchebag. This, it will have zero sales.Glenn Fleishman
Can't WAIT to be that douchebag who wears Google Glass on day 1Jam Lillywhite
Looking at my fellow train riders, I can already tell which ones are asshole enough to be wearing Google Glass a year from now.Jeff Tiedrich
And now that it is here, spotting and reporting such rampant douchebaggery is a Twitter pastime. 
Photo: Confirmed. Google Glass makes you look like a douchebag. Google Glass spotted at Think Coffee in West... Young
Spotted: douchebag wearing Google Glass AND Android shirt. In a National Park. In an area with zero connectivity. Game over.Mike Monteiro
There is a douchebag wearing Google Glass on the train. This is why I live in the burbs.The real Jon Brodkin
Confirmed. You still look like an asshole wearing Google Glass anywhere.Marinperez
First google glasshole sighting in the wild. Surely there's something that can be done to make it less geeky.alex cheng
To the guy wearing his Google glass in cubby bear at 1am... Yes, you are a douchebag.Michael Altshuler
Even in other languages!
Los Google Glass, no te pases #DouchebagA R M A N D O

So much hate.....

The dbag factor of walking down the street wearing Google Glass is super highBen White
If you buy Google Glass you are officially a mundo douchebagBrad Davis
Google Glass. Because people who use Bluetooth in line at Starbucks need to call somebody a douchebag, too.Senile Don Draper
Google glass will take douchebag to a whole new level.The Dirty Sanch
Ppl wearing Google Glass now evokes the same feeling Gordon Gekko did in Wall St. w/brick cell phone. (Douche bag) Gobert
Just saw a guy wearing Google Glass, did I accidentally walk onto the set of Douche Bag Magazine?Lauren Reeves
My favorite Google Glass feature is the ability to make you look like an utter douche bag.Kumail Nanjiani
OH: "It ain't a Silicon Valley party until you have seen some douche-bag wearing Google Glass" >> I want one but not to wear at a party.Bilal Zuberi
Does my google glass make me look like a pompous asshole?The Real Lobot
If you really like Google Glass but don't want everyone to think you're an asshole, just affix a fake nose and mustache. Problem solved!Vijith Assar
Just to clarify: You're not wearing google glass because you're an asshole. You're an asshole because you're wearing google glass.Ant
I can't wait for the first asshole that gets the Google Glass jammed in their fucking eye socket.Rock
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Except Google Glass, which makes you look like a magic asshole.Johnny McNulty
Hey #Glasshole with a million questions: Come @ me when I'm not @ work & I won't just tell you to turn them off. #YoullEatThem #GoogleGlassBryan

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